Bedrooms of London

The Childhood Trust, in partnership with The Foundling Museum, presents

Creative Direction The Good Agency

Photography Katie Wilson

Words Bella Walker


In a city where extreme poverty and wealth exist side-by-side, Bedrooms of London looked to make visible the often shocking and unseen realities of home life for the 700,000 children living below the poverty line within our capital. challenging the prejudices and stereotypes associated with child poverty, Bedrooms of London (8 February – 5 May 2019) was a major exhibition at the Foundling Museum that HIGHLIGHTed this situation for some of London’s most vulnerable children.


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Photography by Katie Wilson

The Book

Corresponding with the exhibition at the Foundling Museum, the Bedrooms of London book was sent out to MPs and a network of the charity’s supporters

Design by The Good Agency

Bedrooms of London at the foundling museum

08 February - 05 May 2019


Duchess of Cambridge Visit © Dan Weill

Bedrooms of London, 2019 © Peter Mallet Photography - 5.jpeg
Bedrooms of London, 2019 © Peter Mallet Photography - 4.jpeg
Bedrooms of London, 2019 © Peter Mallet Photography - 3.jpeg
Bedrooms of London, 2019 © Peter Mallet Photography - 6.jpeg

Installation Shots © Peter Mallet


Illustrations by Scriberia


Video Essay by Katie Wilson

Late at Tate

Bedrooms of London: Katie Wilson and Caro Howell in Conversation, April 5th 2019

Late at Tate © Dan Weill

Bedrooms of London: a Report

The Context to London’s Housing Crisis and its Impact on Children


Selected Press

“A new photography exhibition aims to lay bare the hidden living conditions some children endure in London.“

BBC News

“More than 30 pictures by Katie Wilson expose the dispiritingly grim living conditions of families in poverty and form Bedrooms of London, an exhibition that could be one of the most challenging of 2019.“

The Guardian

“fascinating - and very timely”

Time Out London

“these rooms make up the homes of London's poorest children.”

Thomson Reuters Foundation

“In a city where extreme poverty and wealth exist side-by-side, Bedrooms of London looks at the shocking reality of home life for the 700,000 children currently living below the poverty line in the capital.”



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The Childhood Trust thanks the following people and organisations for volunteering their time to help make the Bedrooms of London a reality;

All the families who participated and the charities supporting them

Katie Wilson - Photographer

Isabella Walker - Interviewer & Write

Louis Cochrane - Designer at GOOD AgencY

Christina Tsermentseli - Project Recruiter & Co-Ordinator

Eleni Andreadi Marinakou - Interviewer

Menna Bishop - Lead Researcher

Iselin Berg Mulvik - Research Assistant

Prijaanka Bathia - Transcribing Interviews

Amaya Gallego - Project Manager (secondment awarded by The Golden Jubilee Trust)

George at Digital ArtE

Ashley at Cooke’s Framing

Will Mawby at A. Bliss

Simone Mudde

Katie Watch - SHS Practitioner

GOOD Agency - Reuben, Freya, Emma, Kelly

Foundling Museum - Caro Howell, Kathleen Palmer, Alison Duke, Hannah Thomas and Zosha Nash

Lauren Child - very special thank you